AppSec Alchemy is a software security services company.  We specialize in security services designed to strengthen corporate solution offerings and defend customer data.


Following are services offered by AppSec Alchemy,

Executive Advisory Services.   Retain a trusted industry security adviser for assistance with program development, review, and key corporate security strategies.

Technical Services.  Identify security risks and assess business risks.  Drive your software security program and obtain the best value for your investments.

Forward all inquiries to sales@appsecalchemy.com.


Please address inquiries to the following,

AppSec Alchemy, LLC
California, USA 

209.831.7882 (office)

Hours of Operation:
M-F | 8am – 5pm | Pacific



AppSec Alchemy Company

Milton Smith  | CEO, Founder | California, USA
Milton is the founder of AppSec Alchemy.  Prior to AppSec Alchemy, Milton held roles like director of product security and top security leader for the Java Platform Group at Oracle.   Outside the company, Milton is the project leader for both the OWASP DeepViolet and OWASP Security Logging Projects.  Previous employers include companies like Yahoo and SuccessFactors.  Milton resides in the greater San Francisco California area.  For more information visit, securitycurmudgeon.com or follow Milton on Twitter(@spoofzu).